Large, offset quilt blocks, sewing potholders & scrappy pillows from fabric scraps.

Twice last month, my dear friend, Jackie Clark hosted sewing days in her lovely home studio. It is such a gift to be invited to sew with someone who loves it and has a dedicated space for sewing! We were treated to snacks and lunch and all the sewing we could accomplish in a day.Continue reading “Large, offset quilt blocks, sewing potholders & scrappy pillows from fabric scraps.”

Wedding bouquet custom painting – something old, something new.

I was very excited to receive an unusual (for me) request on my Etsy site. I was asked to paint a wedding bouquet as a gift from mother to daughter for an anniversary gift & given license to use any medium of my choice. This was a new challenge for me after painting lots ofContinue reading “Wedding bouquet custom painting – something old, something new.”

Turn scrap fabric into multi-media art. Painting with fabric..

This weekend my friend Rosalia asked me to show her a technique I use to incorporate scrap fabrics, paint and ink on canvas. Since it was a sleep-over, we stayed up extremely late in her awesome art studio and got creative! Supply list: Fabric scraps and trims Canvas size of your choice (4″ x 4″Continue reading “Turn scrap fabric into multi-media art. Painting with fabric..”

I believe in for amazing free graphics!

  The truth is I often need some amazing blog images, invitations, & announcements but have a budget of zero dollars. My favorite free / inexpensive graphic resource for this crisis is: Thousands of beautiful graphic designs and stock photos are available for personal and professional use here for absolutely ZERO dollars! Perfect match!Continue reading “I believe in for amazing free graphics!”

Personalized Christmas gifts and cards

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity for artists to share – and be paid for their work. Hallelujah. A photo of my client’s home last winter was a holiday house portrait order for me this year. We love our homes, our photos, our holidays and our memories! My friend, Juli,  wanted to use my winterContinue reading “Personalized Christmas gifts and cards”

When you love art, creative people and the simple act of making a beautiful thing…

When you love art, creative people and the simple act of making a beautiful thing… you attract those people to you.  When you find a common hobby or interest to pursue in your friendship with a creative, there is really no greater joy.  No one knows failure, trial and error or the joy of aContinue reading “When you love art, creative people and the simple act of making a beautiful thing…”

Furry friends in home gallery!

The sweet little house portrait I painted for my friend’s sister was delivered last week. She loved it and ordered portraits of her beloved pets, a sweet hamster and two dogs. She is creating a wall of art in her home and was excited that I was willing to paint an unusual pet,  not just theContinue reading “Furry friends in home gallery!”

A very vintage weekend…

Last week I packed up some pet portraits and some hand-made hairpins I made using up-cycled vintage earrings, pins and scrap jewelry. Every yard sale or thrift shop ends in the purchase of scrap jewels.  At some point, I turn them into other things.  This week, it’s hair clips. I consign my art, jewelry and vintage goodies that I purchase toContinue reading “A very vintage weekend…”

Baby book love.

I am a grandma.   I have one year of experience.  I take it pretty seriously.  My grandparents were amazing,  supportive and active in my life at every stage.  My parents did this for my children.   I intend to keep this family tradition alive and strong. One thing that my grandmother did for us wasContinue reading “Baby book love.”