Applique fabric art, dogs in clothes; my sister’s obsession with her chihuahua…

My sister keeps posting photos of Chihuahua’s dressed in clothes on Facebook. I offered to make an outfit for her tiny pup, but she said “Millie won’t wear clothes.” I also offered to start a therapy group, if need should arise… My next best offer was art. If you need fashion, you need fashion! MillieContinue reading “Applique fabric art, dogs in clothes; my sister’s obsession with her chihuahua…”

Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.

Jewelry & baubles catch the eye! I wear my art as often as I can!  A necklace or charm bracelet that catches the eye is an effortless way to spark a conversation. When a woman compliments your jewelry, the first question is “Where did you get it?”  OR “Where can I get one?” “Thanks, IContinue reading “Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.”

Some last minute Christmas ideas for gals like me!

Merry Christmas, friends! I know not all of you are able to be with those you love and miss this holiday, but I wish for you all of the happiness in the world today!   I am not skilled in the kitchen, but I can make this amazing candy. It is a great, quick giftContinue reading “Some last minute Christmas ideas for gals like me!”

I believe in for amazing free graphics!

  The truth is I often need some amazing blog images, invitations, & announcements but have a budget of zero dollars. My favorite free / inexpensive graphic resource for this crisis is: Thousands of beautiful graphic designs and stock photos are available for personal and professional use here for absolutely ZERO dollars! Perfect match!Continue reading “I believe in for amazing free graphics!”

Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic & Lisa Palvelka bezel

I am always looking for ways to re-purpose and feature my art.  Charms have long been a favorite.  There are many types and ways to protect your art in a charm.  I love the look of resin, but not the expense or the mess.  So I tried a product I saw last month that lookedContinue reading “Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic & Lisa Palvelka bezel”

That’ll do pig.

I am not sure why I want to be a farm girl, or why a piglet seems an ideal pet.  Charlotte’s Web & Wilbur might have had a lasting influence on me.. If I were to get a piglet and live on a farm, I would want the grass to be just such a colorContinue reading “That’ll do pig.”

I don’t do perfect, I do “done”.

I recognize and appreciate beautiful art, design, product branding and web-sites.  I value the details, the time and the expense these things entail for business owners.  I also notice that because there are so many beautiful examples one can view – it is tempting to make comparisons, and (fearing failure to achieve the perfect ideal) doContinue reading “I don’t do perfect, I do “done”.”

Charitible Causes: Wichita Leukemia and Lymphoma Society auction, 2014

We all get excited when a question or contact comes through our Etsy shop or Blog – someone found me!  Oh goody, the hard work paid off!   What if that contact isn’t for an order, but a request for a contribution or donation? Work for free? Now what? Be thankful someone found you- thatContinue reading “Charitible Causes: Wichita Leukemia and Lymphoma Society auction, 2014”

Bruiser Cow

I try to paint, or sew or otherwise “create” every week.  The few hours dabbling with color, texture and mixed media  is reward for the 40 hours in my chair at work with data and numbers. I do love color.  I try to incorporate it whenever possible.  This week, my challenge I gave myself was toContinue reading “Bruiser Cow”

Valentine, Zuess – Tuxedo Kitty Portrait

Cats are special. No one needs to explain this. If you live with one, you know. This is Zuess. The name really says all that need be said. Zuess, he is a god. You can tell by his smirk how hard it was to get a decent photo of this guy.   I love theContinue reading “Valentine, Zuess – Tuxedo Kitty Portrait”