Take time, daily, to craft, create, renew, celebrate & LIVE in the moment!

I need color, fiber, photography and text as part of my everyday experience. 40 hours each week, I am a payroll clerk/bookkeeper and 10 hours each week, part time receptionist in an assisted living/retirement facility. I’m a wife, mother, employee, Grandma, artist and; starved for time to create. I mix a number of creative /Continue reading “Take time, daily, to craft, create, renew, celebrate & LIVE in the moment!”

Large, offset quilt blocks, sewing potholders & scrappy pillows from fabric scraps.

Twice last month, my dear friend, Jackie Clark hosted sewing days in her lovely home studio. It is such a gift to be invited to sew with someone who loves it and has a dedicated space for sewing! We were treated to snacks and lunch and all the sewing we could accomplish in a day.Continue reading “Large, offset quilt blocks, sewing potholders & scrappy pillows from fabric scraps.”

Creating with fabric and loving it!

I am excited after spending a weekend sewing and quilting with friends at a 3 day quilt retreat. I have never taken a trip that revolved around creating, designing, and playing with fabric. I have been collecting of fabric  to make a bright patchwork quilt that has been dancing in my head. I only tookContinue reading “Creating with fabric and loving it!”

Against my nature.

  I think about this blog and wonder what direction to take it in.  I planned to be very structured and deliberate, make certain it was purposeful.    But that just isn’t me.  If you are here, you already know I think outside the box.  I don’t do well with restriction, rules and boundaries.  PracticalContinue reading “Against my nature.”

And what is it you do?

I get asked that question often, but mostly as a “polite conversation starter”. And when forced to answer “what do you do?” I find I never have a really good answer. (I get distracted thinking about how to explain it QUICKLY..Don’t you love this cloth belt and leopard buckle?) I try to explain that toContinue reading “And what is it you do?”