Hand-made coaster project, learning curve.

  Spending time on Pinterest leads to trying new projects. I made personalized cork coasters after being inspired by a pin. Less is more. Paper thickness should be considered. Too much glue will saturate your image and can bleed through causing blots or “freckles” on inkjet images. Wet paper is fragile, so consider a lightContinue reading “Hand-made coaster project, learning curve.”

Sketching digitally, Wacom Tablet Terrier!

Out of the box… I have never tried to draw or sketch or paint “digitally” until this week.  I have used Illustrator for many reasons in the past, but never to free-hand anything.  Much has changed in the art world!  I have been longing for quite some time to draw with a digital pen andContinue reading “Sketching digitally, Wacom Tablet Terrier!”

Chihuahua Speed painting video

I love to watch how artists work, where the work, how they think.  I spend way too much time on YouTube! I like to try the things I see.  This weekend, I made a speed painting of a pet portrait.  This was a 27 minute session, recorded on my cell phone, edited with Microsoft MovieContinue reading “Chihuahua Speed painting video”

Loving Smilebox.

I use Smilebox regularly.  I am certain there are many wonderful sites that accomplish the same thing: slide shows, print and web, personalized digital scrapbooks, etc. This one just happens to be a go to site for me.  It is user-friendly, code is provided for you to embed your image into your blog or ontoContinue reading “Loving Smilebox.”