Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.

Jewelry & baubles catch the eye! I wear my art as often as I can!  A necklace or charm bracelet that catches the eye is an effortless way to spark a conversation. When a woman compliments your jewelry, the first question is “Where did you get it?”  OR “Where can I get one?” “Thanks, IContinue reading “Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.”

Personalized Christmas gifts and cards

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity for artists to share – and be paid for their work. Hallelujah. A photo of my client’s home last winter was a holiday house portrait order for me this year. We love our homes, our photos, our holidays and our memories! My friend, Juli,  wanted to use my winterContinue reading “Personalized Christmas gifts and cards”

Love displaying & organizing colorful jewelry!

My jewels (90% costume, made by me, gifts or a garage sale find) are part of my everyday experience.  I want to see them, like art.  The colors, shapes and textures inspire me.  All thrown together, when I see them, they are like a changing piece of art. They are the first thing I shedContinue reading “Love displaying & organizing colorful jewelry!”

That’ll do pig.

I am not sure why I want to be a farm girl, or why a piglet seems an ideal pet.  Charlotte’s Web & Wilbur might have had a lasting influence on me.. If I were to get a piglet and live on a farm, I would want the grass to be just such a colorContinue reading “That’ll do pig.”

Furry friends in home gallery!

The sweet little house portrait I painted for my friend’s sister was delivered last week. She loved it and ordered portraits of her beloved pets, a sweet hamster and two dogs. She is creating a wall of art in her home and was excited that I was willing to paint an unusual pet,  not just theContinue reading “Furry friends in home gallery!”

Word Cloud Love – Word It Out

I found a fun site to play with words, text and color, called WordItOut. I don’t know about you, but I think in word clouds. I like to have a cluster of ideas jotted down that inspire or make me happy. Goal words. I also love the concept of mind mapping. I just have suchContinue reading “Word Cloud Love – Word It Out”

Bruiser Cow

I try to paint, or sew or otherwise “create” every week.  The few hours dabbling with color, texture and mixed media  is reward for the 40 hours in my chair at work with data and numbers. I do love color.  I try to incorporate it whenever possible.  This week, my challenge I gave myself was toContinue reading “Bruiser Cow”

Valentine, Zuess – Tuxedo Kitty Portrait

Cats are special. No one needs to explain this. If you live with one, you know. This is Zuess. The name really says all that need be said. Zuess, he is a god. You can tell by his smirk how hard it was to get a decent photo of this guy.   I love theContinue reading “Valentine, Zuess – Tuxedo Kitty Portrait”

Bichon Frise portrait.

It always starts with an inspiring photo, then a sketch. My favorite brush for this type of work is the Round Number 4 by Master’s Touch. I use several brushes to create a painting, but finishing and details for hair, ears and eyes – this is my brush of choice. Pups that have light furContinue reading “Bichon Frise portrait.”