Mini sewing-retreat, gifts in jars, loving working with fellow creatives!

It is no secret that I am obsessed with tiny houses. They are more amazing in a jar embellished with paint and frayed fabric. This was a special order from one of my best customers – my mom. She is so supportive of my creative work. I only need another few hundred thousand just likeContinue reading “Mini sewing-retreat, gifts in jars, loving working with fellow creatives!”

Creative weekend sewing & craft retreat at Whatever Craft House hosted by Jackie Clark: Loving small town discoveries!

Whatever Craft House in Newton, KS was built in 1903, according to the inlaid centerpiece in the upstairs hardwood floors. It has had many lives since then – as a home to many and a daycare to others. It’s current job is to house creative people of all walks of life thanks to owner, MegContinue reading “Creative weekend sewing & craft retreat at Whatever Craft House hosted by Jackie Clark: Loving small town discoveries!”

So “2000 and late”..

My son communicates to me by singing song lyrics.  Last Friday, all through breakfast he kept telling me I was so “2000 and late”.. (I recognized the reference.. but if you need help) All I know is this photo was taken Halloween weekend, 2010 at Fall International Quilt Market with Jackie and Beverly promoting On TheContinue reading “So “2000 and late”..”

To market we will go.

   I am delighted to say I will be attending International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN on the 18th!  There are so many things to see, to learn, to touch!   I am excited to travel with Jackie Clark, whom I have had the pleasure of working for over the past three years.  I have attendedContinue reading “To market we will go.”

And what is it you do?

I get asked that question often, but mostly as a “polite conversation starter”. And when forced to answer “what do you do?” I find I never have a really good answer. (I get distracted thinking about how to explain it QUICKLY..Don’t you love this cloth belt and leopard buckle?) I try to explain that toContinue reading “And what is it you do?”

Gift ideas..

Lately I find myself crafting more, blogging less. These are gift bags I decorated with leftover scrapping supplies. Each gift was a piece of jewelry for the ladies I work with at Jackie Clark Designs. I can’t stop making things, and they are often the recipients of my craft experiments or my shopping spree’s fromContinue reading “Gift ideas..”

Buttons, bracelets, charming of course!

Buttons! I have been cleaning up the craft room and sorting through goodie piles. I have a button drawer that was originally my mothers. I got to take possession of it since I am the resident sewer/crafter and she has no room at the Hoffice. The L pin was my grandmother, LaVonne’s lapel pin. IContinue reading “Buttons, bracelets, charming of course!”