Painted poppy red, giant wooden spoon, fork and stool- DIY.

Poppy red was the color of the day on Sunday.  I had a bit of time and energy to put to a good cause.  The cold and dreary weather made me want a bright ray of sunshine all of a sudden.  These were items I found over the past year or so that were funContinue reading “Painted poppy red, giant wooden spoon, fork and stool- DIY.”

Taste of fall

 Orange snuck up on me this year.  Suddenly I love this color.  It might be a phase, a short fling, but it has also been appearing in my wardrobe.  Which means we are supposed to fall in love with it.  It’s out there in small doses, working it’s way into our hearts.  For me, itContinue reading “Taste of fall”