Mini sewing-retreat, gifts in jars, loving working with fellow creatives!

It is no secret that I am obsessed with tiny houses. They are more amazing in a jar embellished with paint and frayed fabric. This was a special order from one of my best customers – my mom. She is so supportive of my creative work. I only need another few hundred thousand just likeContinue reading “Mini sewing-retreat, gifts in jars, loving working with fellow creatives!”

Sweet 1st anniversary gift: paper house painting

Last week I was excited to work on a darling little house portrait for a young couple celebrating their first anniversary of marriage.I love using Etsy to sell online, because I get to paint for people outside of my circle of friends and family. An order from a stranger that found your work online isContinue reading “Sweet 1st anniversary gift: paper house painting”

Gift ideas..

Lately I find myself crafting more, blogging less. These are gift bags I decorated with leftover scrapping supplies. Each gift was a piece of jewelry for the ladies I work with at Jackie Clark Designs. I can’t stop making things, and they are often the recipients of my craft experiments or my shopping spree’s fromContinue reading “Gift ideas..”