Painting with fabric; tiny fabric houses in jars.

I paint with fabric. Make-believe is real. I imagine and create (happy people in) tiny, quirky houses. Breakfast is ready when you wake up, naps are encouraged- this is what I think about when I sew a tiny house. Here we ride bikes with friends til the street lights come on. Perpetually age 7 (withContinue reading “Painting with fabric; tiny fabric houses in jars.”

Where do you sell your creative artwork?

I think all artistic/creative people struggle with these questions: Where do I sell my art, handmade goods? Will anyone like them, order them, buy them? The truth is, you won’t know until you try. Utilize multiple ways of selling, advertising and promoting your products. I personally love a local brick & mortar, boutique store.  IContinue reading “Where do you sell your creative artwork?”

Sweet 1st anniversary gift: paper house painting

Last week I was excited to work on a darling little house portrait for a young couple celebrating their first anniversary of marriage.I love using Etsy to sell online, because I get to paint for people outside of my circle of friends and family. An order from a stranger that found your work online isContinue reading “Sweet 1st anniversary gift: paper house painting”

Large, offset quilt blocks, sewing potholders & scrappy pillows from fabric scraps.

Twice last month, my dear friend, Jackie Clark hosted sewing days in her lovely home studio. It is such a gift to be invited to sew with someone who loves it and has a dedicated space for sewing! We were treated to snacks and lunch and all the sewing we could accomplish in a day.Continue reading “Large, offset quilt blocks, sewing potholders & scrappy pillows from fabric scraps.”

It’s in the genes..

I have been working like a complete mad woman. Why? It’s genetic. I come from a line of compulsive ancestors. I can’t go into too many details, but words like frenzy, obsessed, crazy, are part of my daily dialog. I’m OK with it, because I know how many of us are out there and thatContinue reading “It’s in the genes..”

Purse update..

The Make It Mine Magazine Purse contest ended June 18th, and they have announced the winners. This little rag purse did not make the cut, sadly. To see the three winners, click to this link.. I cannot tell you though, how much fun it was to use the small scraps of fabric in allContinue reading “Purse update..”