Settling in.

Last Friday we finally closed on the condo.  Signing the papers and having the SOLD sign removed from the yard, the key lock box off the door.. it felt like home.! Every day, a little more settling in occurs. I got the slip covers washed and tucked just right on the sofa, hung the first picture!  ItContinue reading “Settling in.”

Kitchen dreams

One challenge in a small space.. the kitchen.  I don’t enjoy cooking to the point that I seek out recipes, dream up new ways of cooking a particular meal – cooking is a necessity.  In my one-butt kitchen I am seeking every possible way to be creative in my use of space.  Just because cookingContinue reading “Kitchen dreams”

Stuffing the stuff into other stuff?

Stuff. I googled it because it didn’t seem like it could be a real word.  Feel free to read up here.  It is a real word. To so many of us, it’s a powerful word.  I am getting regular inquiries from friends and family concerning my stuff as we move into our condo. Do youContinue reading “Stuffing the stuff into other stuff?”

Leaning tower of Pisa

After the dust settled and the “big chunks” – furniture pieces were placed in the condo, the real work began.  Because we staged our home to increase its appeal for showings, I stored so many personal items.  That process started 2 years ago. And there was no clue as to what our new home wouldContinue reading “Leaning tower of Pisa”