Q: How do I order a house or pet portrait?

A: Visit my Etsy Site to place your cusotm order. Send me at 3 to 5 photos of your home or pet via email or text. You will be given an email & cell number to text once your inquiry email is received.

2013-11-12 12.06.35

Q:  What do you paint?

A:  I love to paint animals and houses…  I would love to talk about your painting idea!



Q:  What medium do you use?

A:  Acrylics and watercolor paintings. The pet portraits are on canvas painted with acrylic  and ink. The house portraits are painted on watercolor paper using watercolor and ink.

Q:  How long do portraits take to complete and ship?

A:  I can complete your order within 2 to 3 weeks (perhaps less, depending on season). I ship standard mail (1 to 3 days after completion of portrait).  Plan ahead for a gift you wish delivered by a specific date.

bungalo with kitty

Q: What size canvas do you use?

A:  Pet portraits on canvas:  4″ x 4″. The House portraits fit an  8″ by 10″ frame.

Price and shipping is determined for those sizes. I am happy to give you a quote for other needs.  Let’s talk about your idea!

Contact me at:  stephmacera@gmail.com


Q:  What method of payment do you accept?

A:  I currently use Etsy for all orders.  You are welcome to pay with PayPal, or Credit Card of your choice on this secure site.


Q:  How do you handle returns?

A:  The subject matter that I paint is personal and one-of-a-kind. All sales are final. Prior to starting your project, I will ask several detailed questions to ensure you receive a painting you would enjoy displaying or giving as a gift.

Q:  What products do you use?

A:  Acrylic paints, watercolors, canvas, pen and ink.  I use quality products available to artists and hobbyists.

Q:  Where did you study?

A:  As a child, I was instructed in watercolor art privately.  I took every art course available to me in grade & middle school. I studied drawing and painting at Northeast Magnet School.  Further training has been self-taught and based on trial & error!

If I have not addressed your concern or need, I look forward to hearing from you.

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