The joy of editing.

Since the house is on the market, I can’t make my usual creative messes and leave them lying around in between play times.  I had to downsize the craft area.  I had to edit. I had edited every room in the house at this point, and thought that the craft room was sacred ground andContinue reading “The joy of editing.”

When you can’t part with it..

I’m a sucker for a clearance aisle. Last year after school started, Target had one of my favorite things on sale, composition notebooks for $0.12 each. COME ON! You know I stocked up. And then, there they sat in a pile for the longest time. I was blogging, not journaling and if I was goingContinue reading “When you can’t part with it..”

Things of Comfort

I love this cow creamer. It belongs to my mother and sits on her what-not shelf (one of many). This is a collage piece with pictures of Mom’s grand kids, their hand prints and keepsakes. I gave it to her for Christmas a few years ago. This stash of children’s books has been on Mom’sContinue reading “Things of Comfort”

Gift ideas..

Lately I find myself crafting more, blogging less. These are gift bags I decorated with leftover scrapping supplies. Each gift was a piece of jewelry for the ladies I work with at Jackie Clark Designs. I can’t stop making things, and they are often the recipients of my craft experiments or my shopping spree’s fromContinue reading “Gift ideas..”

Buttons, bracelets, charming of course!

Buttons! I have been cleaning up the craft room and sorting through goodie piles. I have a button drawer that was originally my mothers. I got to take possession of it since I am the resident sewer/crafter and she has no room at the Hoffice. The L pin was my grandmother, LaVonne’s lapel pin. IContinue reading “Buttons, bracelets, charming of course!”

Pages of Happiness

Make a slideshow – it’s easy! Last Christmas, at Jackie Clark Designs, the girls (Jackie, Claudia and Beverly and I) exchanged gifts. I think we exchange gifts weekly, really – someone is always having a birthday, needs cheered along, has something they are tired of and want to pass along.. it’s a share-fest the firstContinue reading “Pages of Happiness”