Painting with fabric; tiny fabric houses in jars.

I paint with fabric. Make-believe is real. I imagine and create (happy people in) tiny, quirky houses. Breakfast is ready when you wake up, naps are encouraged- this is what I think about when I sew a tiny house. Here we ride bikes with friends til the street lights come on. Perpetually age 7 (withContinue reading “Painting with fabric; tiny fabric houses in jars.”

Turn scrap fabric into multi-media art. Painting with fabric..

This weekend my friend Rosalia asked me to show her a technique I use to incorporate scrap fabrics, paint and ink on canvas. Since it was a sleep-over, we stayed up extremely late in her awesome art studio and got creative! Supply list: Fabric scraps and trims Canvas size of your choice (4″ x 4″Continue reading “Turn scrap fabric into multi-media art. Painting with fabric..”

Love displaying & organizing colorful jewelry!

My jewels (90% costume, made by me, gifts or a garage sale find) are part of my everyday experience.  I want to see them, like art.  The colors, shapes and textures inspire me.  All thrown together, when I see them, they are like a changing piece of art. They are the first thing I shedContinue reading “Love displaying & organizing colorful jewelry!”

Living with, displaying junk jewelry: collage art

After a semester of studying, I finally got to play and work with some of the projects I had on hold.  I was invited to spend some time with a friend in her art studio just playing with our jewelry projects. I packed my junk jewelry box and my favorite tools and glue .  OneContinue reading “Living with, displaying junk jewelry: collage art”

Creating with fabric and loving it!

I am excited after spending a weekend sewing and quilting with friends at a 3 day quilt retreat. I have never taken a trip that revolved around creating, designing, and playing with fabric. I have been collecting of fabric  to make a bright patchwork quilt that has been dancing in my head. I only tookContinue reading “Creating with fabric and loving it!”

Valentine, Zuess – Tuxedo Kitty Portrait

Cats are special. No one needs to explain this. If you live with one, you know. This is Zuess. The name really says all that need be said. Zuess, he is a god. You can tell by his smirk how hard it was to get a decent photo of this guy.   I love theContinue reading “Valentine, Zuess – Tuxedo Kitty Portrait”

Bichon Frise portrait.

It always starts with an inspiring photo, then a sketch. My favorite brush for this type of work is the Round Number 4 by Master’s Touch. I use several brushes to create a painting, but finishing and details for hair, ears and eyes – this is my brush of choice. Pups that have light furContinue reading “Bichon Frise portrait.”

Hand-made coaster project, learning curve.

  Spending time on Pinterest leads to trying new projects. I made personalized cork coasters after being inspired by a pin. Less is more. Paper thickness should be considered. Too much glue will saturate your image and can bleed through causing blots or “freckles” on inkjet images. Wet paper is fragile, so consider a lightContinue reading “Hand-made coaster project, learning curve.”

Sketching digitally, Wacom Tablet Terrier!

Out of the box… I have never tried to draw or sketch or paint “digitally” until this week.  I have used Illustrator for many reasons in the past, but never to free-hand anything.  Much has changed in the art world!  I have been longing for quite some time to draw with a digital pen andContinue reading “Sketching digitally, Wacom Tablet Terrier!”

What did you buy?

    Like many of you, I received cold hard cash at Christmas. This year, I spent my money on some art supplies and on testing some ideas.  I love a good throw pillow.  So I ordered some fabric on Spoonflower using an image of one of the pups I painted. I uploaded a photo ofContinue reading “What did you buy?”