Personalized Christmas gifts and cards

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity for artists to share – and be paid for their work. Hallelujah. A photo of my client’s home last winter was a holiday house portrait order for me this year. We love our homes, our photos, our holidays and our memories! My friend, Juli,  wanted to use my winterContinue reading “Personalized Christmas gifts and cards”

Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic & Lisa Palvelka bezel

I am always looking for ways to re-purpose and feature my art.  Charms have long been a favorite.  There are many types and ways to protect your art in a charm.  I love the look of resin, but not the expense or the mess.  So I tried a product I saw last month that lookedContinue reading “Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic & Lisa Palvelka bezel”

A very vintage weekend…

Last week I packed up some pet portraits and some hand-made hairpins I made using up-cycled vintage earrings, pins and scrap jewelry. Every yard sale or thrift shop ends in the purchase of scrap jewels.  At some point, I turn them into other things.  This week, it’s hair clips. I consign my art, jewelry and vintage goodies that I purchase toContinue reading “A very vintage weekend…”

Baby book love.

I am a grandma.   I have one year of experience.  I take it pretty seriously.  My grandparents were amazing,  supportive and active in my life at every stage.  My parents did this for my children.   I intend to keep this family tradition alive and strong. One thing that my grandmother did for us wasContinue reading “Baby book love.”

Purple, purple, everywhere!

Once I started looking.. it was everywhere.  In my scrapbook piles, in my jewelry drawer, in the flower bed, in photos I took last year.. in keepsake boxes there is plenty of purple to be found.  I rarely wear purple, except in jewelry or as an accent color in a garment.   I think it hasContinue reading “Purple, purple, everywhere!”

I love junk, I love to look at junk!

I have been making a lot of photo collages and slide shows because I love to look at my junk! I can’t decide what photo to use, so I use as many as possible. I repeat some of the photos now and then, I realize, but that is because they are my favorites, like aContinue reading “I love junk, I love to look at junk!”

When you can’t part with it..

I’m a sucker for a clearance aisle. Last year after school started, Target had one of my favorite things on sale, composition notebooks for $0.12 each. COME ON! You know I stocked up. And then, there they sat in a pile for the longest time. I was blogging, not journaling and if I was goingContinue reading “When you can’t part with it..”

Things of Comfort

I love this cow creamer. It belongs to my mother and sits on her what-not shelf (one of many). This is a collage piece with pictures of Mom’s grand kids, their hand prints and keepsakes. I gave it to her for Christmas a few years ago. This stash of children’s books has been on Mom’sContinue reading “Things of Comfort”

In the press..

This post could get complicated, but the simplest version.. Once upon a time I decorated the home of a wonderful gentleman here in Wichita.. it was my first REAL job that wasn’t for family or friends, but a REAL client. As my health would have it, he was my last REAL client. After completing hisContinue reading “In the press..”

Buttons, bracelets, charming of course!

Buttons! I have been cleaning up the craft room and sorting through goodie piles. I have a button drawer that was originally my mothers. I got to take possession of it since I am the resident sewer/crafter and she has no room at the Hoffice. The L pin was my grandmother, LaVonne’s lapel pin. IContinue reading “Buttons, bracelets, charming of course!”