Up-cycle a chandelier with paint, ribbon and vintage jewelry

Paint in proper area: To reach all areas of a chandelier, hanging it prior to painting is helpful. Consider a post or tree limb to hang from. Protect surfaces with cardboard or plastic wrap. I used shopping bags and garbage bags. Prepare to paint: Remove any chains, crystals, globes and bulbs. Wrap or tape areasContinue reading “Up-cycle a chandelier with paint, ribbon and vintage jewelry”

Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.

Jewelry & baubles catch the eye! I wear my art as often as I can!  A necklace or charm bracelet that catches the eye is an effortless way to spark a conversation. When a woman compliments your jewelry, the first question is “Where did you get it?”  OR “Where can I get one?” “Thanks, IContinue reading “Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.”

Creative weekend sewing & craft retreat at Whatever Craft House hosted by Jackie Clark: Loving small town discoveries!

Whatever Craft House in Newton, KS was built in 1903, according to the inlaid centerpiece in the upstairs hardwood floors. It has had many lives since then – as a home to many and a daycare to others. It’s current job is to house creative people of all walks of life thanks to owner, MegContinue reading “Creative weekend sewing & craft retreat at Whatever Craft House hosted by Jackie Clark: Loving small town discoveries!”

Love displaying & organizing colorful jewelry!

My jewels (90% costume, made by me, gifts or a garage sale find) are part of my everyday experience.  I want to see them, like art.  The colors, shapes and textures inspire me.  All thrown together, when I see them, they are like a changing piece of art. They are the first thing I shedContinue reading “Love displaying & organizing colorful jewelry!”

Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic & Lisa Palvelka bezel

I am always looking for ways to re-purpose and feature my art.  Charms have long been a favorite.  There are many types and ways to protect your art in a charm.  I love the look of resin, but not the expense or the mess.  So I tried a product I saw last month that lookedContinue reading “Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic & Lisa Palvelka bezel”

Living with, displaying junk jewelry: collage art

After a semester of studying, I finally got to play and work with some of the projects I had on hold.  I was invited to spend some time with a friend in her art studio just playing with our jewelry projects. I packed my junk jewelry box and my favorite tools and glue .  OneContinue reading “Living with, displaying junk jewelry: collage art”

A very vintage weekend…

Last week I packed up some pet portraits and some hand-made hairpins I made using up-cycled vintage earrings, pins and scrap jewelry. Every yard sale or thrift shop ends in the purchase of scrap jewels.  At some point, I turn them into other things.  This week, it’s hair clips. I consign my art, jewelry and vintage goodies that I purchase toContinue reading “A very vintage weekend…”

Charming pet portrait.

Small things, miniature things – itty bitties – they are my undoing. This was one of the projects I wanted to try with my paintings: How little can I make them? Thanks to digital photography and inkjet printers – pretty small (less than one inch). The square, metal pendant  with glass on either side isContinue reading “Charming pet portrait.”

Pretty Fabulous!

A few weeks ago I ordered something awesome from Lotta’s Etsy shop. I love reading her blog, check her out if you haven’t already.. Mom-o-Matic.blogspot.com. I check in anytime I am on the web and have never left her site without laughing out loud, and sometimes spending some dough. I ordered two of these darlingContinue reading “Pretty Fabulous!”