Applique fabric art, dogs in clothes; my sister’s obsession with her chihuahua…

My sister keeps posting photos of Chihuahua’s dressed in clothes on Facebook. I offered to make an outfit for her tiny pup, but she said “Millie won’t wear clothes.” I also offered to start a therapy group, if need should arise… My next best offer was art. If you need fashion, you need fashion! MillieContinue reading “Applique fabric art, dogs in clothes; my sister’s obsession with her chihuahua…”

Where do you sell your creative artwork?

I think all artistic/creative people struggle with these questions: Where do I sell my art, handmade goods? Will anyone like them, order them, buy them? The truth is, you won’t know until you try. Utilize multiple ways of selling, advertising and promoting your products. I personally love a local brick & mortar, boutique store.  IContinue reading “Where do you sell your creative artwork?”

Up-cycle a chandelier with paint, ribbon and vintage jewelry

Paint in proper area: To reach all areas of a chandelier, hanging it prior to painting is helpful. Consider a post or tree limb to hang from. Protect surfaces with cardboard or plastic wrap. I used shopping bags and garbage bags. Prepare to paint: Remove any chains, crystals, globes and bulbs. Wrap or tape areasContinue reading “Up-cycle a chandelier with paint, ribbon and vintage jewelry”

Sweet 1st anniversary gift: paper house painting

Last week I was excited to work on a darling little house portrait for a young couple celebrating their first anniversary of marriage.I love using Etsy to sell online, because I get to paint for people outside of my circle of friends and family. An order from a stranger that found your work online isContinue reading “Sweet 1st anniversary gift: paper house painting”

Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.

Jewelry & baubles catch the eye! I wear my art as often as I can!  A necklace or charm bracelet that catches the eye is an effortless way to spark a conversation. When a woman compliments your jewelry, the first question is “Where did you get it?”  OR “Where can I get one?” “Thanks, IContinue reading “Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.”

Wedding bouquet custom painting – something old, something new.

I was very excited to receive an unusual (for me) request on my Etsy site. I was asked to paint a wedding bouquet as a gift from mother to daughter for an anniversary gift & given license to use any medium of my choice. This was a new challenge for me after painting lots ofContinue reading “Wedding bouquet custom painting – something old, something new.”

Some last minute Christmas ideas for gals like me!

Merry Christmas, friends! I know not all of you are able to be with those you love and miss this holiday, but I wish for you all of the happiness in the world today!   I am not skilled in the kitchen, but I can make this amazing candy. It is a great, quick giftContinue reading “Some last minute Christmas ideas for gals like me!”

Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic & Lisa Palvelka bezel

I am always looking for ways to re-purpose and feature my art.  Charms have long been a favorite.  There are many types and ways to protect your art in a charm.  I love the look of resin, but not the expense or the mess.  So I tried a product I saw last month that lookedContinue reading “Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic & Lisa Palvelka bezel”

Furry friends in home gallery!

The sweet little house portrait I painted for my friend’s sister was delivered last week. She loved it and ordered portraits of her beloved pets, a sweet hamster and two dogs. She is creating a wall of art in her home and was excited that I was willing to paint an unusual pet,  not just theContinue reading “Furry friends in home gallery!”

Loving little watercolor house portraits.

I am so excited about a little job that came my way last week.  A dear friend that got me started doing personalized home and pet portraits asked me to do another job for her.  This time I am painting her sister’s house for her as a birthday gift.  I feel absolutely confident that thisContinue reading “Loving little watercolor house portraits.”