1947 Ford Truck Loving and living several lives at once!

I painted my one of my dad’s favorite trucks, a 1947 Ford.  It’s my all time favorite of the vehicles he has collected over the years.  I love the rounded nose, the circle headlights and the mirror that jets out like an arm or an exclamation point! My painting was created in order to giveContinue reading “1947 Ford Truck Loving and living several lives at once!”


  I mentioned before that when I purchased my vintage fridge that in the same week I found the matching stove. It was a hunch on my part when I purchased it, so the minute that I could research it, I went straight to the computer and this little gem came up.  It is anContinue reading “Fridge-a-hator”

Kitchen dreams

One challenge in a small space.. the kitchen.  I don’t enjoy cooking to the point that I seek out recipes, dream up new ways of cooking a particular meal – cooking is a necessity.  In my one-butt kitchen I am seeking every possible way to be creative in my use of space.  Just because cookingContinue reading “Kitchen dreams”