Speed applique a vintage camper; multi-media art, create magnets & tea towels – Mother’s day gift idea.

camper-fat-quartersI found this Henry Glass “Quilt Camp” fabric with awesome little campers and about lost my mind at the fabric shop getting some cut!

I found this darling sky and cloud fabric and had to use it as well!


These 2.5″ x 2.5″ mini-canvases are magnets (sold in set of 5 @ Walmart). While shopping, it struck me that tiny campers need tiny pets! I picked these stickers up and added a fun message, and rhinestones! Materials used and DIY instructions at end of post.


I always buy the tea towels and magnets on vacation. This seemed like an homage to past trips.

Speed applique means no turned edges, things will frey and the color/art/texture NOT the process will be the feature.

The same construction steps apply to both the tea towel and magnet – using scraps, cut fabric that has been backed with fusible web and iron your background fabric on first, adding a foreground, place camper on top of both. Each camper has been cut so that the background of original textile is eliminated.. I was taught to call this “fussy cutting”. Cut as close as possible around shape edge with SHARP scissors. Press with no steam. Add text fabric as a special element to mark an occasion, or season.

Finish with decorative stitching, outline all fabric elements with black stitches. Crochet trim is a personal favorite for finishing a tea towel! I purchased the trim rather than attempting to make it, just to save my mind.


Materials/Supply List for tea towels and magnets:

Magnet, additional supplies:

  • Pet stickers
  • Rhinestones
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush to apply Mod Podge (clean with soap and water immediately after use)
  • Mini-canvases with magnetic backing (or add your own)

camper-close-up-kittyMagnet step by step:

  1. Apply Heat-n-Bond to all fabrics you wish to applique.
  2. Fussy cut (as close to image edges as possible) the camper and other desired shapes (grassy hill) from the fabrics using very sharp fabric scissors.
  3. Use iron to adhere cloud or background fabric to magnet, continue with foreground fabric (green check), place camper and secure with heat on grass.
  4. Trim as close as possible to edge of magnet with scissors to size.
  5. Apply pet sticker in foreground of camper, place quote or message as desired.
  6. Glue gems or embellishment of your choice for finishing touch.
  7. Apply several coats of Mod Podge over the magnet include sealing the edges where fabric meets magnet, allow dry time between coats following manufacturer instructions. 2 or more coats recommended! Seal edges as well as surface area.
  8. Dry 48 hours for best results before stacking, wrapping or potentially contaminating tacky surface with fingerprints, etc.



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