2017, Find your style and then run with it.

I want my home to be pretty, comfortable, and welcoming.  I feel that way about my clothes, shoes, and art.

Vintage dishware

The stack of dishes is a fair representation of my life. Things, used, but not used up; trying to serve a dozen purposes & stacked off kilter. Displayed in a glass case, transparent, functional, simple and necessary: something I would like to be as an artist.Vintage dishwareI mentioned in a previous post that I need a dose of fabric, color, paint, text, photography and a creativity daily. My cupboard photo was taken quite a while back. This draft written a year ago because the story was not complete yet. I realized the photos helped me focus on my color palette.

  Knowing what you love, what is visually pleasing to your own eye, what brings you joy will help you make design or purchasing choices in a split second. It helps you decide what to impulse buy and what you can walk away from.

Aqua vase

When I study a picture of my dishes, I realize that nothing matches, they are imperfect, damaged- yet still desirable and useful; collected over time. Take this approach in your creative work next year and you will have a more true vision of who you are as an artist.


Time and daily devotion to creating is what will show you where to go next. The journey I am on is decades long – wherever you are now in your creative journey, soak it in and remember what brings you joy – use it in your next phase, incorporate it as often as possible as you work! Joy is contagious. Love spreads like wildfire.

I decided to embrace that I am bright, cheerful, imperfect and practical, that color, texture & kitsch bring me joy!

Excited to see what you are working on in the new year!

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