Mini sewing-retreat, gifts in jars, loving working with fellow creatives!

Fabric house in a jar

It is no secret that I am obsessed with tiny houses.
Fabric house in a jar

They are more amazing in a jar embellished with paint and frayed fabric.

Fabric house in a jar

This was a special order from one of my best customers – my mom. She is so supportive of my creative work. I only need another few hundred thousand just like her, right?

Other excitement for me – a reorder from previous client for pet portrait. This is Moxie.

The watercolor painting will be framed for a Christmas gift. Such a wonderful compliment to receive a second order!Moxie, pet portrait order

Today I was blessed to spend the afternoon sewing, laughing, dining and learning with friends at the home of Jackie Clark. She has been generous dozens of times hosting lunch and sewing time for quilters, artists and friends. Today was a memory, a lesson, a connection, friendship manifested. While I have no photos to show you, I will stress the importance of creative individuals spending time together. There is simply nothing like it. When you are in that creative zone with fellow artists, you take no photos, you simply absorb, share, learn, watch and relish each moment.

Each woman at this mini-retreat was making a handmade, thoughtful gift, tailored to the needs or desires of someone they loved. It was wonderful to be in the middle of Santa’s workshop, among the elves for an afternoon.

Wherever you are in your creative journey, I wish for you the comfort and joy of fellow artists to encourage you, to teach you, and in turn that you become fearless in teaching your own lessons!!!

2 responses to “Mini sewing-retreat, gifts in jars, loving working with fellow creatives!”

  1. Hi Steph! It was wonderful seeing you and your creative self yesterday. Thanks for being so inspiring. Love and Hugs, Tamara

    1. Thank you, Tamara! Pretty sure you won the awesome award for tablecloth and for mixing fabric and crochet. Everyone was impressed by the hours and perfection you put into your work. Miss you and love you.

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