Take time, daily, to craft, create, renew, celebrate & LIVE in the moment!

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I need color, fiber, photography and text as part of my everyday experience. 40 hours each week, I am a payroll clerk/bookkeeper and 10 hours each week, part time receptionist in an assisted living/retirement facility. I’m a wife, mother, employee, Grandma, artist and; starved for time to create.2016-08-08-20-45-29

I mix a number of creative / craft avenues to meet my daily creative needs. Sewing means fiber use- creates scraps, gets me using leftover textiles in creative ways: potholders, tiny house art on canvas or cards- this gives me something to photograph/write about….2016-05-08 19.52.51-1

I call this “painting with fabric”. Whatever I make in a day or week’s time, I take photos along the way: many become a blog post or portfolio photos.

Loving Color inventory, Things 4 That

As long as a few of your creative needs are met daily – I promise, you  will feel alive & accomplished.

I may spend as little as 30 minutes on a creative endeavor, other days I spend an entire 10 hour day.. But I use my spare time, each day, to best fit the situation- Creatively, what will I regret not having done today?

2016-05-02 17.21.49

I have huge ambitions for items I collect. My project list is longer than number the of weeks in a year- just like your list.2016-09-16-13-50-40

Each day,take small strides toward your creative goals. This group of jars, trees and little houses have grown into 20 inventory pieces I recently consigned for sale.

I am lucky, I have a partner that loves and respects my  artwork,  he loves to cook and supports me with his efforts keeping house.

My hope for you, is that you find your own unique ways, each day, to create and celebrate your talents, dreams, and art.

I practice the idea of celebrating a moment for it’s “perfect imperfection”.

If what you are working on brings you joy, peace, love and moves you forward each day – then all is well, my friend!

Happy creating, happy you!

Feel free to share what you are working on.

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