Where do you sell your creative artwork?

hand painted gift box, tuxedo cat
Zuess, cat portrait

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I think all artistic/creative people struggle with these questions:

  • Where do I sell my art, handmade goods?
  • Will anyone like them, order them, buy them?

The truth is, you won’t know until you try. Utilize multiple ways of selling, advertising and promoting your products.

Loving Color inventory, Things 4 That

I personally love a local brick & mortar, boutique store.  I love the displays, and the personal attention given to customers. I enjoy seeing a variety of work by local artists,  I was fortunate to find a local shop, Things 4 That specializing in handmade items on consignment. It is like walking through a few dozen Pinterest sites if you are a customer. If you are a consignor it is the equivalent of having a booth at a great craft/art show everyday, without booth the rental or giving up a weekend (did I mention all the hauling and lifting you might do?).

Things 4 That

I also value being able to sell to anyone, anytime.  Online sales sources are inexpensive, & you can access and show your work via smart phone!

For online sales, I use Etsy.com.  and promote my work with a WordPress website & blog.  For success selling your creative work, I encourage you to use a mufti-faceted approach. Local and online sales resources are each invaluable in their own way.

My favorite site to create personalized online graphics, coupons, etc. is Canva. Amazing layouts are free to use, just upload your photos, chose font styles and colors. Don’t wait just because you think you need a graphic artist – chances are the cards, letters, photo collage templates that you need are free for you to use.

I love to learn how other creatives (just like you) sell their goods, get exposure and take the next step with their art/passion. If you have a great business resource for artists you wish to share, please comment!

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