His & hers weekend hobbies

Large patchwork quilt 2016 Lovingcolor S. Macera

We work hard. We play hard. Last weekend was one that sort of wraps us up as a couple, a family.

He likes cars, motorcycles, speed, & sports. I like art, sewing, painting and decorating.

Some weekends we both get to full-fill our dreams in some measure. I think because my dreams are less expensive and “average hobbies”, I get personal satisfaction more often.. He says it’s worth the wait each year to race along curvy roads at over 100 mph. He said/She said.

Last weekend, my hubby went to Nebraska for his second time racing in the SORC with my dad.

This meant I was in charge of meals and endless loads of laundry – but it also meant I could sew to my heart’s content at ridiculous hours. 2016-08-14 05.00.33It meant my son and I were bonding without our mutual caregiver.

I cooked a pan of enchiladas and forced son to eat leftovers or make sandwiches until his father (family chef) returned. As treat- I brought home cake mix for boy to bake, frost and eat all weekend long.

Everyone is happy – some dreams are cheaper (chocolate cake mix).

  • We can discuss how awful and uneven the edges of my strip quilt are in a future post. I have to figure out how to handle it! I anticipate lots of trimming.
  • My son also had a good chuckle about my seams not matching – anywhere. He is studying to be an engineer and loves math.

Thursday – Sunday I get to sew, sew, sew and fix my mistakes at Whatever Craft House sewing retreat hosted by dear friend Jackie Clark.  Will share more photos later.

Hope you have an amazing hobby you enjoy!

Can’t help but share: Loving this consignment shop, Things 4 That, dedicated to hand made items. This was some of my inventory!

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