Up-cycle a chandelier with paint, ribbon and vintage jewelry

  • Paint in proper area: To reach all areas of a chandelier, hanging it prior to painting is helpful. Consider a post or tree limb to hang from.
  • Protect surfaces with cardboard or plastic wrap. I used shopping bags and garbage bags.
  • Prepare to paint: Remove any chains, crystals, globes and bulbs. Wrap or tape areas you do not wish to paint.
  • Indoor/outdoor spray paint works well for most surfaces. Read manufacturer instructions prior to painting.
  • Allow paint to dry per manufacturer instructions. 1-4 hours may be required.
  • Sort scrap ribbons, trims, odd jewelry, and crystals for decoration.
  • Using hot glue, apply decorative trims. Secure crystals either from applied trims or from original holes in your chandelier.
  • Insert light bulbs, install/hang and enjoy!2016-05-02 20.21.00

My chandelier was a garage sale find at $1.50, ribbons and trims were left-over craft and sewing project supply but could be purchased for under $5 if you get a variety ribbon pack. The doo-bobbers (crystals that hang down) I found at thrift store for $6. Spray paint was project left over, but around $4. Glue gun and other supplies under $15. Overall cost to make the project was under $35.oo – if you had to purchase all supplies (and were thrifty like that)! One thing I can’t factor in was cost of jewels, buttons and earrings I used. I would say you already have on hand – or access to- enough junk bits to manage (raid a friend or family member’s junk drawer).

Just have fun and know you can start over any time. Glue guns are pretty forgiving that way!





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