His & hers weekend hobbies

We work hard. We play hard. Last weekend was one that sort of wraps us up as a couple, a family. He likes cars, motorcycles, speed, & sports. I like art, sewing, painting and decorating. Some weekends we both get to full-fill our dreams in some measure. I think because my dreams are less expensiveContinue reading “His & hers weekend hobbies”

Making a string quilt with scraps!

I am addicted to small bits of colorful fabric. I always ask friends and family for their scraps – for the few hours/days each month when I can sew. It was amazing how quickly I came up with enough pretty fabric to start a new string quilt project. I love the way they look! BeforeContinue reading “Making a string quilt with scraps!”

Up-cycle a chandelier with paint, ribbon and vintage jewelry

Paint in proper area: To reach all areas of a chandelier, hanging it prior to painting is helpful. Consider a post or tree limb to hang from. Protect surfaces with cardboard or plastic wrap. I used shopping bags and garbage bags. Prepare to paint: Remove any chains, crystals, globes and bulbs. Wrap or tape areasContinue reading “Up-cycle a chandelier with paint, ribbon and vintage jewelry”