Sweet 1st anniversary gift: paper house painting

Brick one story house watercolor painting

Last week I was excited to work on a darling little house portrait for a young couple celebrating their first anniversary of marriage.2016-05-17 19.38.29I love using Etsy to sell online, because I get to paint for people outside of my circle of friends and family. An order from a stranger that found your work online is really exciting to me, for some reason!

I love that my client was giving her husband my painting as her first anniversary “paper gift” to him. It is fun for me to know a little about who I am painting for. I asked if they had pets and included really tiny versions of the dogs “waiting” under their carport. Looking at their sweet faces in photos while I painted made me happy. There was lovely landscaping, fun porch furniture and pillows with a pink flamingo in the yard – so I was delighted to try to capture all the personality and love in this home for them!

2016-05-08 19.52.51-1

I am working on this fabric house portrait for fun. I am obsessed with houses & animals and use them in art and never get bored. Each one is different. I plan to use dark ink to create faux sewing stitches around the edges so that the house appears sewn to the canvas. Now, I think it just needs a pink flamingo to be complete!

Whatever you make this week, enjoy the moments of peace that daydreaming bring you!


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