Wear your art! Create charms using resin, glass charms, bezels and your artwork.

Pet painting charm, S. Macera. Lovingcolor.net

Jewelry & baubles catch the eye!

I wear my art as often as I can!  A necklace or charm bracelet that catches the eye is an effortless way to spark a conversation.

When a woman compliments your jewelry, the first question isStephanie Macera painting under resin in charm bracelet. Lovingcolor.net

“Where did you get it?”  OR “Where can I get one?”

“Thanks, I made it myself!” Is the perfect opportunity to connect with a potential customer.

 3 Amazing tutorials to create a resin charm:

There is some overlap with these tutorials, as each covers a great deal, but I found each had important tips. I watched dozens of videos before I ever poured a drop of resin. These 3 tutorials were the most informative and complete. I loved that they each offered multiple tutorials with honest advice that can only learned from making LOTS of mistakes!

#1 Beadaholic: provides an overview of selecting a bezel & preparing image(s) before mixing or pouring resin.

Bezel and bracelet.
Bezel selection for my art.
Macera bulldog painting with colored backgrounds. Lovingcolor.net
Seal images with ModPodge, 3 coats prior to pouring resin.

#2: Marina Sharp gives amazing tips on sizing your image(s), with step by step instructions for creating a charm under resin.

I sealed my images with Mod Podge (3 coats each side to prevent resin from dis-coloring/spotting my image)  allowing 24 hours dry time.

#3: Susan Lenart Kazmer: Mixing ICE resin & filling the bezel.

If you plan to make resin charms, prepare a large batch of images (up to a dozen or more) to make the most of your time and resin product(s). Work with a friend(s) interested in learning this technique to take full advantage of resources and time.

Products & materials used:

Editing of my photos & background color change was done via MS Office 2010

Laser printer to print the images (Office Max, Staples or Office Depot) Do not use INKJET! Save your images to a flash drive and take to printer for laser printing before you ModPodge!

  • On a Cord Bracelet $3.99  – I painted mine red
  • Colored nail polish if you decide to paint your bracelet
  • Susan Lenart Kazmer Art Mechanique Bezels purchased at Hobby Lobby $3.99
  • 2 dozen multi-colored beads or stones, jewelry string, and needle
  • Ice Resin $11.99. I did some trial & error testing and found Ice Resin to be the clearest and easiest to use.
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brushes, paper towels, parchment paper, scissors, cookie sheet, heat gun/lighter or warm light source to pop resin bubbles, box for covering resin charms to dry up to 24 – 48 hours undisturbed.
  • Dozens of different styles and sizes of bezels are available.. choose what suits your medium!


This project will take several days (0r more) to complete, either a few minutes or hours at a time- it’s up to you. It is not an instant gratification project and there is a learning curve. I happened to love even the charms that were less than perfect. If you plan to make money on a project such as this – plan wisely, buy in bulk and invest in good tools an materials to ensure a profit margin!

Resin alternative?

Afraid of resin and the expense? Try this super quick “buy and fill” glass charm for under $7.00 – no resin!

Fill a glass charm, has magnetic closure. Fill a glass charm, has magnetic closure.

In under 5 minutes: cut any 2 images (tape or glue together) and insert between double sided glass charm, securing with glue. I love using this charm to create a personalized gift. Use fabric, any paper material, greeting card or magazine clippings (shown)!





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