Afternoon “porch spiffy”, before and after

Porch update using color and fabrics 2016

I am not “outdoorsy”. I like temperature controlled atmospheres, I admit. But last weekend was one of the rare, perfect spring days a Kansas girl gets. And that means immediate makeover gratification. I NEEDED to paint something and to be outside – all of a sudden!

Before: with a few good bones. 2016-04-10 15.29.34

I happened to have a few fun, vintage pieces on my back porch in need of cleaning, fresh color and fabric for the spring/summer activities to come.

2016-04-10 15.43.54


The table was an estate sale find ($25) that needed color in the worst way! I had a selection of color samples to chose from and went with aqua- no surprise. This sample color is called “Peace River, Ace Hardware A38-3”. The name was enough for me.

I picked up about a half a dozen of this size in some awesome bright colors last year on clearance – today was the time to rummage my color options…


Under $75 & about 2 hours including shopping, prep and paint.

I found the elephant cushions for the glider at Tuesday Morning (merchandise is retail buyouts offered at 40% to 60% off retail). The cow pillow is one I made at sewing retreat last year, on it’s way as a birthday gift to my daughter – I could not help getting one more photo of it.

2016-04-10 16.46.40

I am anxious to spend a little time on the porch (in optimum weather conditions) with my grand kids this year. The oldest loved that we turned my grandma’s watering can into an outdoor shower last summer. This year his little sister will be able to get in on the water play.

My need to be outside and to spiff up the porch comes from memories with my Grandma Juanita on her porch with her white glider and sprinkler for us to run in during the summer. I miss her. I was happily channeling my inner-Juanita on this day, thanking her and my mom for outdoor inspirations!

living on the porch is a family thing
 A photo with my sweet Grandma Juanita and my mom. Porch loving & living being taught.

If you have a few hours and an outdoor space, take some time to play with the look of it. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a cute and inviting outdoor space! Whatever you are working on – I hope it brings you joy!


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