Wedding bouquet custom painting – something old, something new.

I was very excited to receive an unusual (for me) request on my Etsy site.

I was asked to paint a wedding bouquet as a gift from mother to daughter for an anniversary gift & given license to use any medium of my choice. This was a new challenge for me after painting lots of pups and charming houses.

Before agreeing to the job, I asked for several photos and an example of work she enjoyed or one that was similar to what she wanted. After a few Q&A emails and photos, I felt confident I could provide a painting she would be happy to give to her daughter.


I began with watercolor, then added acrylic to achieve the bright fuchsia color, followed with a thin, black artist’s pen (01 is my favorite) for accent & outline. My favorite part was gluing the rhinestones in the center of the roses. I realized early on that I could not mimic the shine and facets of the rhinestones with paint. After visiting with my client, she was excited about the idea of placing the little gems on the painting. floral bouquet 2016

I am happy to say that my client was pleased and left wonderful, encouraging words for me in our correspondence and on my Etsy site. I loved how friendly, open and encouraging my client was each step of the way. It made painting for her such a joy!


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