Turn scrap fabric into multi-media art. Painting with fabric..

Cat scrap fever: using scrap fabrics and paint to create cat portriats. Www.lovingcolor.net. Stephanie Macera

This weekend my friend Rosalia asked me to show her a technique I use to incorporate scrap fabrics, paint and ink on canvas. Since it was a sleep-over, we stayed up extremely late in her awesome art studio and got creative!2015-12-27 11.49.37

Supply list:

  1. Fabric scraps and trims
  2. Canvas size of your choice (4″ x 4″ shown)
  3. pencil, thin Sharpie or other permanent marker
  4. sharp scissors for detail cutting
  5. iron & board for pressing
  6. HeatnBond and/or ModPodge
  7. paint brushes, paints & related supplies (paint pallet, water, paper towels)
  8. To find inspiration ideas for a pet fabric painting click here.
  • Select the perfect scraps for your project.
  • Arrange them “puzzle style” on  HeatnBond . Example above shows 1 yard of HeatnBond with scraps ironed in place.
  • Sketch design on paper & trace onto fabric (with the HeatnBond ironed on back) OR use reverse side of HeatnBond .
  • Remove backing from top layer only of design. This secures the small scraps to each other before applying to canvas.
  • After tacking down design details (cat face with attached details & bow tie), remove backing and iron in place on canvas.
  • Once paper is removed from your overall background shapes, a nice template(s) remains for future use- so hold onto those.
  • Any edges that are not secure with HeatnBond can be touched up with ModPodge to insure image is flat on canvas.

NOTE: Some fabrics are too thick to adequately secure without use of ModPodge. Avoid stretching canvas with hot iron by applying ModPodge to loose edges or stubborn fabrics.

2015-12-26 20.18.29
BEFORE: Fabrics ironed on canvas, before whiskers, mouth and background.
  • Draw on your “whisker shadow dots” and pouty/fun/playful kitty lips with sharpie.
  • Select fabulous acrylic paint color as background for painting.
  • White acrylic paint and fine paint brush create “purr-fect” ear fur and highlights for eyes, or spectacles.

    Cat scrap fever: using scrap fabric and paint to create cat art. Www.lovingcolor.net. Stephanie Macera
    AFTER: Fabric cat portraits with details and background.


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