Some last minute Christmas ideas for gals like me!

Pink and aqua painted paper house, S. Macera.

Merry Christmas, friends!

I know not all of you are able to be with those you love and miss this holiday, but I wish for you all of the happiness in the world today!


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2015-12-23 21.15.34
Some last minute gift orders I am delivering today!
2015-12-19 15.03.35
Sweet pups are fun gifts. They were fun to make.
2015-12-21 22.33.40
Christmas Crack.

I am not skilled in the kitchen, but I can make this amazing candy. It is a great, quick gift and fun to make with the kids. My son discovered that he loves it, so we made several batches. I found the recipe on my Facebook page and will supply the link here: Cracker candy as made by Lori Nolan.

If you can make it and not eat it all, it is lovely in a jar or fun holiday bag with ribbon…

The other last minute tip I could give would be to search Pinterest for gifts in a jar. I made a few different ones for a secret Santa exchange that my husband roped me into helping him with – and the gal thinks he’s amazing for all of his creative genius.

Everything in the photo below was from the Dollar Tree – so inexpensive and easy to replicate at a Wal-Mart if you are caught with last minute gift needs.

Today was calm and quiet- and that never seems to be the case over Christmas…. makes me wonder what I have forgotten to do! Whatever it is, I hope home made candy and cash will cover it.

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