Personalized Christmas gifts and cards

Watercolor house portrait, Christmas. S. Macera,

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity for artists to share – and be paid for their work. Hallelujah.

Client's house last winter during snow storm- perfect!
Client’s house last winter during snow storm- perfect inspiration!

A photo of my client’s home last winter was a holiday house portrait order for me this year. We love our homes, our photos, our holidays and our memories!

Watercolor house portrait, Christmas. S. Macera,
Watercolor winter.

My friend, Juli,  wanted to use my winter house portrait as her Christmas card this year.. So an adventure working with a graphic artist and a bit of printing came into play recently.

Framed watercolor holiday house portrait, S. Macera,
I was fortunate to have a talented graphic artist who had worked with watercolor paintings previously on my contact list. She quickly transformed my painting into a lovely greeting card that I was able to have printed for my client.

card frontChristmas card, interiorcard back

I selected Avery textured greeting cards and printed them at Office Max on my lunch break this week.


What I have enjoyed about my artistic work is visiting with home owners and pet lover’s about the project that is close to their heart. I text and email quite a bit with each client to be sure I understand all the details they hope to capture in a painting. It amazes me how much I learn about friendship and love in these small moments.


In most cases, I am hand delivering each piece and often get to sit and visit with my clients. I absolutely love helping them put their ideas into action, their passion on paper – in art. While I might be able to paint or create, it is their ideas and their love that inspires me to pick up the brush in the first place. There is no art for me without someone that is loving it and “willing it” into being.

Merry Christmas, artist friends – you are the visual aide that so many seek!




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