HOW TO get your art published; What happens when you try?

work in progress, creative life, s macera,
work in progress, creative life, s macera,
Right before a market, loving the colors and handmade items.

The beautiful magazines we read need constant new material for articles and amazing projects to photograph and write about. If you have ever wondered what they are looking for, Stampington & Company spells it out for you line by line and with dates for submission in their call for art!

S. Macera, Tea Towel.
Personal house portrait, tea towel love.

I decided to see what challenges or calls might apply to me; what I have worked and what am I creating at the moment that is in the scope of their call for art? I love so many types of art and have tons of ideas-maybe there is a place I might fit in and have some art to submit? Why not me ? Why not you? This publication company lists 25 unique and amazing magazines – each with a list of open calls for artists to submit work for publication. Each of the 25 has about 3 to 5 really amazing challenges that any artist would love to take on!

I am reviewing blog posts, tutorials, photos and creations I have put my effort into that might fit the submission guidelines. I also found intriguing new projects to attempt. Recently, I sent off a Mail Art submission- something I have never done, but fascinates me nonetheless. I have no idea what to expect – but am prepared for rejection. I encourage you as an artist to try a submission to a call for art. I found it so exciting and rewarding.

I wish you happy & productive creating and all the joy that comes with it!

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