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Painting a Van Gogh

2015-04-02 18.56.16

Last week I took an art class.  Or a drinking class.  It was both.  I was so excited to join my talented friend, Rosalia Pereira and my mom at our wonderful Wichita City for the Arts to take a painting class – enhanced with wine and laughter… and a few snacks that Rosalia brought along.

2015-04-02 18.56.23
We spilled some, drank some and painted some.  Laughed lots, and my mom might have gossiped a bit with a long lost friend she ran into unexpectedly.

2015-04-02 20.59.58Our assignment was to do our own version of a very famous painting Van Gogh Branches with Almond Blossoms – not at all intimidating!!!  The canvas and the paints and instruction – even clean up was included in our reasonable fee of $45.oo.

2015-04-02 21.00.06 2015-04-02 21.00.10

All we had to do was paint and drink and giggle and snack.  Who could ask for more?  I was excited to be painting and taking a break from tax season!

My sweet husband was responsible for our transportation to and from this event – which I strongly recommend.

I do think there is something to drinking and painting.  I certainly was brave and bold.

2015-04-02 21.00.14 2015-04-03 09.39.05

During the class, our instructor had a few “victims” whose work she paraded around to show a different perspective on the painting.  I was delighted when she picked mine up to comment on my use of purple/fuchsia as color choice.  Some really interesting and fun pieces were chosen for examples.  Her main criteria was that you “make it your own”.

There were so many wonderful, individual versions that I can’t recount them all.  You can see mine next to Rosalia’s and then mine next to my mom’s (Katy is pretending to be Vannah White and auctioning off her work).  Each piece was so different.  What a fun way to escape for an evening.

Whatever you have on your to do list, I hope it is creative, fulfilling and done with friends and family!

Van Gogh Branches with Almond Blossoms

Wichita Center for the Arts

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