When you love art, creative people and the simple act of making a beautiful thing…

In constant pursuit of a resin and bezel solution!

When you love art, creative people and the simple act of making a beautiful thing… you attract those people to you.  When you find a common hobby or interest to pursue in your friendship with a creative, there is really no greater joy.  No one knows failure, trial and error or the joy of a beautiful project being completed like a fellow creative.

I believe strongly in finding ones self.  I believe in leaving no stone unturned.  I am the type that values constant learning and success through experience (which usually means failing repeatedly until you succeed).  I believe in bloody knees, elbows and dirt under your nails.

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I have friends that are strongly prone to perfectionism.  I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants person. I love perfectionism, but I find it really slows you down.  I am more about the process, the experience than I am about the end result.

In constant pursuit of a resin and bezel solution!
In constant pursuit of a resin and bezel solution!

I have found that it takes a blend of perfectionism and experimentation to get what you want.  I will show you when I fail, because I believe that is a huge part of the process.  It motivates me to do better.  I don’t agonize over a failure.  But if I didn’t have the voice of my perfectionist friends in my head, I would just be sloppy and careless.  To say I don’t agonize over failure doesn’t mean mistakes don’t hurt or aren’t embarrassing – I made a few big mistakes just this week, and I did toss in bed, but I got up and just kept going, more humble and with one more check on my “experience” list.  I experience failure, I don’t like it, it makes me grumpy and irritable, but also it makes me try harder, want the next time to be more smooth.  This weeks lovely:  I sent out items for print that had a typo on the web address – and it was kind of a one shot deal.  I discovered the error and had to rush a few things.  That night was very restless and I still have the bags under my eyes.  This week’s tip:  edit, edit, edit and then edit and proof and proof some more.

In our creative pursuits, we must always remember that while we tinker and play we stand on the shoulders of many who support us.  We are privileged to experiment because someone we love is cooking a meal, or putting on a band-aid, babysitting, doing the grocery shopping…. like my husband often does for our family.

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Perhaps we have been successful in our art or craft because of an amazing tutorial, book, a class or retreat – or the efforts of a friend or mentor.  My point is, we never arrive alone.  We are driven, supported, carried, loved, encouraged, sometimes dragged or escorted to every next step.

I love creative women.  I am drawn to creative spirits and I often see potential in someone before they can see it in themselves.  I love that in my life I have been able to help many women pursue and experience their dreams.  That is what motivates me.  I am excited about a friend that recently had her art selected to be on display out of state at an art gallery.  It was a juror, judged event and there were many hoops to jump through to get her art shipped, her biography written, her artist statement, business cards and even a website set up before the show.  I have been working with her since November of last year and it has been exhilarating to watch every next step along the way.  Much of what I have done to help her get these things in place was in trade for art or jewelry.  And much of what I have done was simply in friendship.  Some I did for my own interests – like staying active on the computer, learning what a next step I want to take would require… but never did I feel there was not a benefit.  I see people writing about the importance of receiving payment for your services – and I believe in that.  But there is value in working for trade, for experience, because you are just a helper and it is what is in your nature.  Sometimes I work for the story.  I work on something because the project or person is just that important to me.  I can’t write about it if I don’t live it.

This week I am celebrating my friend Rosalia Pereira and hope you will visit her site, and look at the art she has created.  I don’t have a large following, but I do think there are a few that would love to see the work of some talented painters and sculptors.  Visit In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, view the artists sites, say hello.  Just a small gesture is really all a creative person needs to take them one step further, to fuel their tank, fill the reserve of energy that gets depleted jumping through hoops of everyday life with a distracted mind!

If you love someone creative, know that they are sensitive, need encouragement and just really want a moment of your time to share an idea.  Ideas are so contagious, and you never know what will come of the next simple conversation you have with an observant and creative listener.  I hope you find you sisterhood of makers and doers.  I have and it is a blessing.  These women know who they are, and that I am grateful for their energy, support and enthusiasm!

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