It felt like spring, nesting with a little blue birdy painting for inspiration!

Little blue birdy.jpgThis weekend was sunny and warm and the snow melted away.

I was ready for spring cleaning, and making more room for my daughter and grandson in our house.

I donated, threw away and packed up unused items.  I was nesting, I suppose.  It felt good to rid myself of clutter.  The shelves in the linen closet, the dish pantry and my bathroom have empty spots for a change!

This little blue bird, which is a first attempt at trying to paint a budgie, makes me feel excited for spring and reminds me of imperfections of living a creative, messy life.  On the art front: I am struggling in my creations to make sweet, angelic faces and soft, delicate eyes.

This is also an attempt to just let the paint do what ever it wants – more free flowing than I am used to.

When I see art that is just simple, simple I am so intrigued by it.  I tend to over complicate things.  So this is what I am practicing.  Keeping it simple, keeping it sweet.

I hope it is sunny and bright and welcoming wherever you are today and that you are having success on your projects!

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