Watercolor globe painting, living with things and people you love.

"Thinking of you" World globe watercolor painting by S. Macera. Lovingcolor.net

vintage world globeI love globes.  I love the colors.  I have appreciated my husband’s patience as I incorporate them into my decor.globevwatercolor in progress, Stephanie Macera This is one that I started painting about a week or so ago using watercolors.   Slopping my brush into the blues, the greens and pastel colors give me peace and helps me forget it’s winter.globe watercolor painting in progress, Stephanie MaceraWhen I finish my art, I love to add text, or think of how I might use it.  I have found that PicMonkey is easy and user friendly to add text and crop, adjust the color of your photos.

Thinking of you globe watercolor painting and text, Stephanie Macera This is fast and easy.  I feel like I really worked hard, but didn’t have to, and had instant gratification.  I think this would be a fun card to send.

vintage globe with fabric tag, Stephanie Maceraminiature bank globes, vintage, Stephanie Macera

These are some of the globes I have recently collected.  I used one of them as inspiration for my watercolor painting.

2015-02-28 09.14.06This is what my world really looks like in Kansas.  It’s cold and wintry, snowy and icky.  If you are stuck inside, I hope you are creating, reading or napping!

2015-02-24 19.47.24I was lucky to have already gone to the library and have so much to look at and read, that I will likely never finish.

2014-12-21 05.25.23 2014-12-21 05.25.43

I was not aware when I checked out the books that my grandson and my daughter would be staying with us for an extended period of time.  I am so happy to have them here, but it does change my ability to accomplish some things that are on my daily wish list.  I am adapting and writing when it is nap time.  I am excited to have my daughter and grandson here.  There is much to be grateful for and to share.  We are figuring out how to live in a very small space with a very active toddler.

2015-01-03 18.06.41Colton, my grandson, knew when he saw snow outside this weekend that Papa would bring some in.  We had a really amazing snow a few weeks ago & my husband filled our kitchen sink for a busy toddler.  Colton’s finger was pointing and he was yelling “Papa!” when he saw snow on our porch yesterday.  He remembered what we did with the snow last time.  Jim filled with snow Saturday – even if it was of lesser quality than the previous time.

Wherever you are, I hope it’s warm and cozy and you are with someone you love, doing something you enjoy!

2 responses to “Watercolor globe painting, living with things and people you love.”

  1. This is beautiful. I love your work. We are using globes in our travel themed nursery so I especially love this watercolor

    1. Thank you, Jessie. I think that globes will be darling in a nursery. I love the colors- you can find so many both new and vintage options! Look forward to seeing some photos of your finished room!

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