Painted poppy red, giant wooden spoon, fork and stool- DIY.

Bright red stool, acrylic painted wood

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Poppy red was the color of the day on Sunday.  I had a bit of time and energy to put to a good cause.  The cold and dreary weather made me want a bright ray of sunshine all of a sudden.  These were items I found over the past year or so that were fun & functional, but not my color preference.  After putting up with their natural color-blah for too long, I decided I could group paint these items quickly!

Bright red stool, acrylic painted woodRed wooden fork, Anita's Acrylic paint2015-01-13 21.26.45

They were subjected to a good Sunday painting –  a one hour, 2 sloppy-coats of instant poppy, red, joy.  I didn’t get into every nook and cranny, I let some wood show, with exception of the stool, which I really went to town on and painted solid.

If you like/love the look, you will ignore the dust – which is what I did.  I am loving a red giant fork and spoon in my kitchen!

What I used and where I found it:

Big spoon:  $1.oo – thrifting on 4oo miles of garage sales 

Large fork: $0.98 – D.A.V. ( you must find one and visit)

Folding stool: Wal-Mart – $15.99

Hobby Lobby paint: $0.77  Acrylic paint dries very quickly, which is why I love it.

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