Living with, displaying junk jewelry: collage art

Junk jewelry display box

After a semester of studying, I finally got to play and work with some of the projects I had on hold.  I was invited to spend some time with a friend in her art studio just playing with our jewelry projects.

S Macera Junk Jewelry container clear, vintage sewing boxI packed my junk jewelry box and my favorite tools and glue .  One of my ongoing projects is how to use and display some of the vintage jewelry I have collected over the years.  I love to dig in the trays and boxes filled with fun, shiny and quirky cast off pieces, but really, I just want to be able to see it and use it.

E 6000 Glue and junk jewelry bits
A friend gave me a lovely shadow box  as a gift last year  that had a colorful background already in place, all I had to do was lay out some of my favorite pieces and glue them to the back of the frame.Junk jewelry layout on shadow box frame with colorful backroundA few hours later, I had a lovely art piece to hang in my bathroom.

Framed vintage jewelry art collage in boxed shadow frame, S Macera

I love seeing the colors and texture and design in each of these vintage trinkets.  I oogle my prized collection (prized= shiny, personal, colorful, & vintage) while I blow my hair dry or brush my teeth.  So much fun to look at and use what you love.

Tools, parts & products:

  • Shadow Box– similar to the one I used
  • Metal Clippers
  • E-6000 Glue -I love this glue- for everything you can imagine!
  • Hot glue gun is always a must
  • Scrap paper or fabric, paint (if your frame is blank)
  • Junk jewelry & mementos
    • ID bracelets
    • Clip earrings
    • keys
    • broken watches
    • charms, charm bracelets
    • tiny toys and prizes


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