That’ll do pig.

Stephanie Macera, Piglet painting with watercolor

I am not sure why I want to be a farm girl, or why a piglet seems an ideal pet.  Charlotte’s Web & Wilbur might have had a lasting influence on me..

Stephanie Macera, Piglet sketch and watercolorIf I were to get a piglet and live on a farm, I would want the grass to be just such a color of minty, blue-green, my piglet to be pudgy, pink, sweet, smiling, wispy with peach fuzz whiskers and forever young.Stephanie Macera, Piglet watercolor paintingIs this why we paint?  To imagine such places and times – sans smell and toil of physical labor?

Stephanie Macera, Piglet watercolor painting
Stephanie Macera, Piglet watercolor painting

Yes.  Fantasy pets and places are my favorite.  I love that about painting…


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