Painted poppy red, giant wooden spoon, fork and stool- DIY.

Poppy red was the color of the day on Sunday.  I had a bit of time and energy to put to a good cause.  The cold and dreary weather made me want a bright ray of sunshine all of a sudden.  These were items I found over the past year or so that were funContinue reading “Painted poppy red, giant wooden spoon, fork and stool- DIY.”

Living with, displaying junk jewelry: collage art

After a semester of studying, I finally got to play and work with some of the projects I had on hold.  I was invited to spend some time with a friend in her art studio just playing with our jewelry projects. I packed my junk jewelry box and my favorite tools and glue .  OneContinue reading “Living with, displaying junk jewelry: collage art”

That’ll do pig.

I am not sure why I want to be a farm girl, or why a piglet seems an ideal pet.  Charlotte’s Web & Wilbur might have had a lasting influence on me.. If I were to get a piglet and live on a farm, I would want the grass to be just such a colorContinue reading “That’ll do pig.”