Furry friends in home gallery!

The sweet little house portrait I painted for my friend’s sister was delivered last week. House Portrait, Stephanie Macera
She loved it and ordered portraits of her beloved pets, a sweet hamster and two dogs.

2014-07-16 20.23.24

She is creating a wall of art in her home and was excited that I was willing to paint an unusual pet,  not just the dogs.  She wanted the other family members, her pets, to have a space on her wall of art.

2014-07-17 17.54.28
I understand, I have an unusual pet, myself.  They are family, and we do want to include them in what we do!2014-07-21 20.52.01

I was also excited that the sizes she ordered were larger than what I offer on my Etsy site.  The larger sizes demand more time, more effort, and greater detail.  I learn so much with each project!  I loved the challenge of fur and whiskers and the types of texture each of the animal’s hair was.  Silly, but, it was exciting to me.

I am sure there will be limits that I will encounter, but I love that so far I have been able to paint what was asked and the recipient was pleased.  Very excited to have 3 pieces of art in one home!  Feels like a gallery!

Whatever you work on this week, I hope it is challenging, rewarding and exciting for you!

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