Word Cloud Love – Word It Out

I found a fun site to play with words, text and color, called WordItOut. I don’t know about you, but I think in word clouds. I like to have a cluster of ideas jotted down that inspire or make me happy. Goal words. I also love the concept of mind mapping. I just have such a cluster of information and ideas fighting for attention inside my little head. So, when I find something that puts order to the chaos in a fast, easy fashion, I am very excited.

Loving Color Word Cloud
This is the jumble of words and questions I always have in my head.

Can I –

paint it

re-use it

read it

decorate with it

write about it

re-sell it

Is it related to –
improving my ability to perform at work
furthering my education
 furthering my artistic goals
my general love of animals
Things I always want more of:
thrifty, vintage finds
laughter with friends and family
I think readers of artistic blogs think in these terms as well.  I think most people think visually.


My first try was just words  that are always in my head that I typed in. This last one though, is basically this whole post copied and pasted into the little word box. I love a quick visual fix!! This was just the little taste of instant gratification that I was after.

You can also print just about anything you want from your little word cloud.  I think an inspirational mug is a fun idea.

Whatever you are working on, or need help staying focused on – I hope this little tid-bit makes your list prettier to look at and easier to do!

You might notice that none of my words or list of words included diets, saving, or limits of any sort.  I love the idea of living in a limit free environment… Dream big my friends.

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