Loving little watercolor house portraits.

Watercolor house portrait, Stephanie Macera, Loving Color

I am so excited about a little job that came my way last week.  A dear friend that got me started doing personalized home and pet portraits asked me to do another job for her.  This time I am painting her sister’s house for her as a birthday gift.  I feel absolutely confident that this secret is safe, so I am showing the work in progress.

2014-06-01 17.08.32

This is a lovely house, I love the black and white color scheme.  The photo that she sent me was from a real-estate website from when the house was on the market.  My friend lives out of state, and had no way of taking a photo or getting one without her sister finding out.

2014-05-31 15.52.51

Even though the photo was grainy, I was able to enlarge it and use it for the portrait.  One thing I love about this style of painting and about water color paintings is that they are relaxed and perfection is not the goal.


 2014-06-01 14.23.12

I love that my friend introduced me to the house portrait idea.  Last month, Country Living Magazine featured this gift idea.


If you have a gift occasion in the future for a person that “has everything”… this would be a wonderful, personalized and “authentic” gift to give.  Not just everyone has a custom portrait of their home hanging in the entry.  It’s the ultimate monogram.



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