Painting furniture – an aqua, weekend makeover:


My little dresser that I was day dreaming about last post… turned into this little gem after the 4 day Memorial Day weekend I spent breathing some new life into it.

Valspar Spray Paint, Koi Pond
Valspar Spray Paint, Koi Pond

I have known for quite sometime what my color favorites are. But if you want to explore color for a room or a furniture piece, I love this option: Valspar Color Selector.  The best compliment I can pay to this color is that my dresser looks like a really large Tiffany box.  It’s just that yummy color you can’t ask for any other way.

The color says Outdoors, but also states it is good for metal, plastic and wood.  I chose it based on the color, primarily, but liked the idea that it was a primer and paint in one and was OK for outdoor use.

Behind the pretty was around 50 years of Nicotine build up on my little dresser.  I attacked it in my garage with about a dozen bowls of water and about as many Brillo pads to clean it before I painted.

Brillo pads attacking Nicotine build-up.
Brillo pads attacking Nicotine build-up.

The paint I chose was a paint and primer in one.  I have used this on small pieces in the past, but never on a large, wood piece.  I followed the manufacturers directions.  Hardware was removed and soaked, then also cleaned with the scrubbing pads.
2014-05-23 16.25.34
I chose a Valspar Metallic Brushed Nickel spray paint for the hardware.

Best investment:  a drop cloth  9 x 12:  $2 or $3- you just can’t beat it.

2014-05-23 15.48.11

Overspray is the worst.  I was a pale shade of walking dead for the afternoon – so I can attest that overspray is landing on your garage floor, sidewalk or yard…

2014-05-23 16.37.20
Death of a sandal and a pedicure: overspray.

By arranging the drawers and dresser fairly close together you can minimize the wasted effort and paint required to get full coverage on your piece.
2014-05-23 15.53.11
2014-05-23 16.00.18
2014-05-23 16.39.23
2014-05-26 16.02.09

I will say that I love the color, the coverage was fabulous.

I had not found a larger selection of colors anywhere – for our area, Lowe’s was the best.

The spray never sputtered or left those lumpy splotches. I was not thrilled that the nozzle would not accommodate a can-gun, spray can trigger tool.  My main criticism would be that I was in pain after using the can without a nozzle tool.

I used 4 cans of the Valspar Koi Pond.  My arm and hand were incredibly sore the next day – this is not a task that you can take on without some physical help and a few side affects.

I would recommend sanding or using a specific primer for wood on my next project.  It may simply be the unique combination of grime and nicotine – the age of my piece, but I can see that the paint on the surface of the dresser will not withstand much abuse.  I feel it needs a coat of sealer if it is to stand the test of time.

Allow your project ample time to dry between coats and before beginning your decorating… nicks, drips and chips just slow you down.

My investment:

Dresser: $50

Paint and Supplies: $35

2 days of cleaning, painting and re-arranging.


I am just so happy with it.  I keep going in the room and just looking at what a difference elbow grease made to this piece, and to my room.  For me, the possibility that it will need another paint job just means that I can chose another color later and start the process over.  I am thinking at some point this little dresser may be a hot pink?


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  1. That looks incredible! The colour makes it modern but doesn’t change the character!!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that! I loved the shape of the legs on this piece.

      1. Yup you scored on that find and did a great job changing it too! I love it. Oh and thanks for following my blog!

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