Day trip = Inspiration…

Road trips are awesome for inspiration. We drove through the Flint Hills on our way to Kansas City last weekend. We had one day and just a hint of a plan: On the road by 6:30 a.m. and shop all day, lunch, dinner, home by 10:00 p.m.

Flint Hills, Kansas
My husband and I talked, joked and laughed, sang horrible songs from every decade of our lives as we scanned the radio through little towns. We recounted events, movies, dreams and surprises from those times as we drove – talked about the future, about places we wanted to visit, places we have been. I fell in love with the thousand shades of green that are visible in the hills and trees in springtime.

2014-05-16 12.58.43

I day dreamed about a vintage dresser from Restore, back home… and told him of my plans to paint it aqua. He said I should buy it – I waited all of 2 seconds to call my mom, who was amazing and dashed off to buy it for me while we drove along our merry way.  It was peaceful, quiet… just us.

Busy intersection,  Brookside, Kansas City, MO.

I knew I wanted to visit Brookside, Kansas City, MO. I love the wonderful boutiques along these few blocks. We had fun at the toy store and I always find inspiration at an artists boutique: Stuff. We walked through the organic farmer’s market – I love that they had live music and beautiful, fresh flowers.
One fun thing that we did, (and I am bragging just a little on my hubby) was stop along our way to our destination of retail shopping at about a half a dozen garage sales. Kansas City has beautiful Tudor homes, rolling hills, and fountains all spattered along the way. So driving in and out of the neighborhoods, stopping at these beautiful homes was wonderful. Too often when we travel, everything is just speeding by. It runs together, it’s so fast and hurried.

2014-05-19 23.20.19So I loved that Jim stopped at garage sales as we saw them. We turned around and looped through the streets if we missed one. It was just an adventure trying to spot the signs and find our way through the unknown streets. He found a wonderful tool kit full of drafting supplies for $5.

2014-05-19 22.46.48

I found a German vintage, pink, Elgin alarm clock for $5.  It was wound up and ticking all the way home.

2014-05-19 22.47.30I also love to pick up books at sales. I found Water for Elephants for $1.

On our way home, we drove to one of Jim’s favorite destinations when we go to Kansas City:  Saddler’s go- cart racing  while I visited the Goodwill and loaded my cart with fun summer clothes to try on.  We stopped at a Waffle House because it reminded us of one of our first road trips 18 years ago….  We had the place to ourselves at 6p.m. – we were two of the four customers in the place…  No children, no television, no loud music.  Just simple food (complete with picture menu) and time to talk about our day.

The best day-trip stuff just happens.  It was awesome and fun and so casual.  We enjoyed every minute of it – and happily at home with our kid-o in bed by 10:00 p.m.

2014-03-27 19.27.14
Your adventure doesn’t have to be expensive to restore inspiration, to help center you, to remind you of what is important, what counts.  Memorial Day is upon us, the perfect opportunity to take a little trip and enjoy!
I am reading the book and loving it (not for the meek at heart), the clock is ticking, but not set.  Much is anticipated from the drafting tools – and the dresser is in the garage awaiting a coating of aqua paint.

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