Painting furniture – an aqua, weekend makeover:

My little dresser that I was day dreaming about last post… turned into this little gem after the 4 day Memorial Day weekend I spent breathing some new life into it. I have known for quite sometime what my color favorites are. But if you want to explore color for a room or a furnitureContinue reading “Painting furniture – an aqua, weekend makeover:”

Day trip = Inspiration…

Road trips are awesome for inspiration. We drove through the Flint Hills on our way to Kansas City last weekend. We had one day and just a hint of a plan: On the road by 6:30 a.m. and shop all day, lunch, dinner, home by 10:00 p.m. My husband and I talked, joked and laughed, sangContinue reading “Day trip = Inspiration…”

A very vintage weekend…

Last week I packed up some pet portraits and some hand-made hairpins I made using up-cycled vintage earrings, pins and scrap jewelry. Every yard sale or thrift shop ends in the purchase of scrap jewels.  At some point, I turn them into other things.  This week, it’s hair clips. I consign my art, jewelry and vintage goodies that I purchase toContinue reading “A very vintage weekend…”

I don’t do perfect, I do “done”.

I recognize and appreciate beautiful art, design, product branding and web-sites.  I value the details, the time and the expense these things entail for business owners.  I also notice that because there are so many beautiful examples one can view – it is tempting to make comparisons, and (fearing failure to achieve the perfect ideal) doContinue reading “I don’t do perfect, I do “done”.”