We all get excited when a question or contact comes through our Etsy shop or Blog – someone found me!  Oh goody, the hard work paid off!

2014-04-13 16.00.08

Pet portrait display.


What if that contact isn’t for an order, but a request for a contribution or donation?

Work for free?

Now what?

Be thankful someone found you- that is a good sign!  Be helpful and contribute in a way that you can, that’s my advice!

 I was contacted a month ago to participate in the Wichita Leukemia and Lymphoma Society auction, 2014 to honor the man and woman of the year.  Would I consider contributing an item to the “Kansas Handmade” basket?


Yes, sign me up!  I know that having high returns on our sites is what we desire… but making a difference or a connection, especially on a local level- that is truly my personal goal.  Those who ask you to contribute always offer a generous opportunity to promote and advertise your business in exchange for contributing.  I am happy to contribute a portrait, thrilled to be able to present my business cards and product to my local crowd.

So, thank you, auction coordinator for contacting me.  I am anxious to paint a sweet pet portrait for the auction winner and participate in this way.