Painting joy.

Flowers and paints. I hope you had a restful and peaceful Easter.  If you did not, then I assure you, I understand.  When I cannot find peace or joy.. sometimes I paint what it might represent to me.  I find joy in color.  I find joy in mixing color and watching it change when it meets the paper.  I like building on an idea and a shape.  I like layering in color and texture and shape. It has no real meaning. It serves no real purpose..  I am not selling most of my work, but just enjoying what the process and the time at the task brings me. Relaxation. Quiet. Respite.

A moment to be more than what I am every other minute of the day.

I hope you had joy this weekend. In whatever measure that joy is to you.

My grandson in the forest.
Colton, age 1. I love the expressions that cross his face. He is such an observer.

This photo was taken by my husband.  We took a wagon and supplies on a trek into one of our lovely parks with his mom yesterday.  She had us take some Easter and birthday photos of this little joy.  He helps me keep my thoughts in perspective.  He observes and mimics all that we do.  So I must, then, do my best.  He is fond of giving kisses and is quite particular about not leaving anyone out.

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