Baby book love.

I am a grandma.   I have one year of experience.  I take it pretty seriously.  My grandparents were amazing,  supportive and active in my life at every stage.  My parents did this for my children.   I intend to keep this family tradition alive and strong. 2014-04-12 14.09.56One thing that my grandmother did for us was to photograph the everyday things.  She printed and cataloged our important moments and gave each of us photo albums (around 10 books each) for my sister and I when we turned 18. I love that she saw things (qualities) and photographed moments my parents didn’t record.  A grandma’s eyes are different in how they see a child and everyday stuff.  Grandma’s are not as busy as mom & dad.
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I love technology.  Love that I have a great camera on my phone.  I have video like no one’s business of this baby.  But I think we still need the tangible paper story.  I wanted to see this baby in print.  Taking the photos off your phone and putting them in a special book is overwhelming to many people.  Just a trip down the paper aisle at the craft store is enough to send some of my friends to the liquor store or to apply for a loan.
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I can’t do the pieces, cutting and matching paper and the glue sticks.  My sister can, and she is amazing.  I love the gifts she makes and gives with scrap-booking photos.  But, there is a way to get your photos in a book even if you have marginal skill, like me.

I chose the site, Blurb to make my book.

  • I selected this source because it was compatible with Dropbox, which is where 100% of my photos are stored.
  • There were some templates set up that worked for my needs.  Cover image and paper color are somewhat limited within the pre-fab template choices, but if you want to design your own book, you can do that also.
  • I could easily upload my pictures and could work from any computer.
  • It’s basically just a series of decisions after that!
  • Take the best pictures, put them in chronological order, tell a visual story.
  • Blurb gave me warnings if my image was not the right size and would not print correctly.  I was able to change the size to get better print image.
  • Check out and order your book.
Perfect curl
This curl is just perfect!  It didn’t make “the book” – maybe the next one!

Within this site there are tons of options.  But I just kept things simple.  You can get as complicated with it as you want.  You can even write and sell a book there.

I spent anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour each evening for a week and saved my book, logging in to tweak it and really think it through.  There was never a mess on my table, I never had to go get extra supplies and I was in my pajamas the whole time.  And, because it’s digital – I didn’t have to do any extra work when my mom decided she wanted one.  I ordered a copy for her and one for myself !

2014-04-13 22.26.43


Soft cover book:  $22.19

Premium paper $4.22

Shipping: $9.98

Total: $36.39

I had my books in hand in about 5 days.

I loved this project.  I will do it again, and again and again.  I believe it will be a yearly chronicle.

The book dimensions were roughly 6.75 inches by 6.5 inches.  There were 65 images and one cover image.

  • If you have an issue with glossy paper, this might not work for you.  The covers and spine are pretty high gloss.  I was able to select the type of paper for the pages, but don’t recall an option for the book itself having a matte finish.  Not sure there was an option to change that… FYI.

I have made many scrap-books in the past, and what I can tell you is that you just can’t make one for under $40.00.

I hope you start your book soon and have as much fun as I did!

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